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Let me introduce myself with some basic information about me, my work and passions - travelling and tourism exploration. I have also included details of some publications and an assortment of pictures.

About me

I was born in Cieniawa, near Nowy Sącz and graduated from the No. 1 Secondary School in Nowy Sącz. This was followed by studies in geography at Wyższa Szkoła Pedagogiczna (WSP) in Krakow. At the beginning of my studies I qualified as a mountain guide in the Beskidy Mountains and also obtained the qualificationsrequired to be a tourist guide. At WSP I was Chairman of the Student Geographical Association and Director of one of the PTTK branches and organized and led a large number of trips, especially Trekking for students. In 1970, after defending my thesis entitled "Tourism Functions of School Buildings in the Carpathian Mountains" I was awarded a Master's degree in Geography. In 1977 I was awarded a  PhD degree on the strength of my research thesis "Tourism Qualities of the Carpathian Mountains as the Basis for Organizing Tourism in the Mountains", the research being carried out under the supervision of Dr. Teofila Jarowiecka.

Professional Career

  • 1970-1972 - Student Assistant at Wyższa Szkoła Wychowania Fizycznego (WSWF) Krakow,
  • 1972-1973 - Teacher at the No 10 Secondary School in Krakow,
  • 1976-1977 - Assistant at the Institute for Tourism Organisation of the Academy of Physical Education in Krakow,
  • 1977-1986 - Deputy Manager at the Institute for Tourism Organisation of the Academy of Physical Education in Krakow,
  • 1990-1994 - Tutor (Adjunct) in the Institute of Tourism (Krakow Branch),
  • 1987-1997 - Director of the Department of Tourism of the Academy of Physical Education in Krakow,
  • 1997-1999 - Vice-director of the Institute of Tourism of the Academy of Physical Education in Krakow,
  • 2006-2008 - Coordinator of project "Turystyka Wspólna Sprawa" in Malopolska,
  • 2011–2014 – Head of the Department of Tourism Geography of the Academy of Physical Education in Krakow,
  • 2010–2016 – associate professor in the Department of Tourism of the University of Economics in Katowice,
  • 2016–2019 – Head of the Department of Environmental Sciences of the Academy of Physical Education in Krakow.

Current Professional Positions

  • Founder of the Publishing Company PROKSENIA,
  • Deputy to the chief editor of "Folia Turistica" magazine,
  • President of the Association of Tourism Experts,
  • President of the Tourist Guides Association of Małopolska from 2003,
  • President of the Polish Federation of Tourist Guides (2004–2010),
  • Head of the Department of Environmental Sciences of the Academy of Physical Education in Krakow.

in addition - Membership of the following scientific and social organizations

  • Polish Association of Tourism,
  • Polish Scientific Society of Physical Culture,
  • Polish Geographical Society,
  • Polish Association of Sight-seeing and Tourism,
  • Polish Ecological Club.

Other Activities

  • Mountain guide (II category) in the Beskidy Mountains,
  • Tour Leader,
  • Examiner in for Tour Leaders in the Examination Board for Małopolska,
  • Member of the Competence Council Sector Tourism.

Scientific Expertise

  • Geography of Tourism (regional aspects, tourism values and attractions, tourism routes),
  • Theory and Methodology of Tourism and sight-seeing,
  • Providing Information and the Promotion of Tourism,
  • Educating and training of professional staff in the Tourist Industry.

Tourism, Travelling, Exploration, Photography

School of travelling for students

Organizing and leading annual, from 1976, expeditions (mountain trekking, tramping, round trips) to different parts of the globe for students of the Institute of Tourism at the Academy of Physical Education in Krakow. These expeditions provide students with good experience of travel organization - beginning from the start of preparation, to the journey itself and its subsequent use in educational discussion. The most interesting trampings are given below:

  • 1969 - Baltic Cruise on board "Zawisza Czarny" - one month duration,
  • 1983 - Tramping: Northern Hungary: the Beech Mountains and Matra, Eger, Miszkolc,
  • 1985 - Tramping: the Yulian Alps reaching the peak of Mount Triglav Istria Peninsular, Dalmatia,
  • 1991 - Expedition in the Caucasus, reaching the Elbrus peak, 5642 m 12'th July,
  • 1993 - Tramping around Lake Baikal and Olchon island,
  • 1994 - Karakorum Highway and finding an overground route to the border of India (Lahore); exploration in the region of Nanga Parbat and the Hunza Valley; the Silk Route Kaszghar, Biszkek,
  • 1996 - Tramping round Scandinavia with the aim of reaching North Cape,
  • 1999 - Tramping the Yulian Alps reaching the peak of Mount Triglav, Istria Peninsular, Lake Balaton,
  • 1999 - Tramping in western Ukraine, the Gorgons and Montenegro, sight-seeing route following the trilogy of Sienkiewicz,
  • 2001 - Tramping around the Levant: Romania - Bulgaria - Turkey (Cappadocia) - Syria (Palmyra) - Jordan (Petra, Wadi Rum desert) - Turkey,
  • 2002 - Balkan peninsula (Bulgaria, Greece reaching the peak of Olympus, Macedonia - Ohrid, Serbia),
  • 2003 - Sicily (reaching the peak of Etna)- Montenegro - Croatia,
  • 2004 - Albania, Montenegro (reaching the peak of Mount Bobotov Kuk), Croatia,
  • 2005 - Ukraine - Crimean Peninsula - Moldova (Transdnistria) - Romania,
  • 2006 - Via Baltica (Lithuania - Latvia - Estonia - Russia/Sankt Petersburg),
  • 2007 - British Isles (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Eire, Wales),
  • 2009 - Balkan (Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia),
  • 2010 - Corsica and Sardinia,
  • 2011 – France, Normandy, Brittany,
  • 2012 – Rhone delta, Provence, Azure Coast,
  • 2013 – Balkan – Turkey (Romania, Bulgaria, Istanbul, Adampol),
  • 2014 – Adriatic Islands (Graz – Skocjanska Jama - Portoroz – Pula – Krk - Cres – Rab).

Other interesting personal expeditions

  • 2000 - Kenya, Tanzania, Tsavo National Parks, Serengeti, Ngoro-Ngoro, reaching the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro (5985 m),
  • 2001 - United States from New York to California, 20 National Parks in USA, scaling Mont Whitney (4418 m),
  • 2004 - Expedition round South America - Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Atacama Desert, Sajama (scaling the volcano), Yungas, Titicaca, Cusco, Machu Picchu, the Colca Canyon,
  • 2005 - India, Delhi, Agra, Kashmir, Manali, Tibet - Ladakh. Lech-Nubra Valley, Nepal - Katmandhu, Anapurna, Royal NP Chitwen,
  • 2006 - Etiopia: Adis Ababa - Shala NP - Bahar Dar - Tana Lake - Gonder - Semien Mountains - Bwahit (4430 m) - Aksum - Lalibela - Adis Ababa,
  • 2007 - Jordania & izrael - Press study (Amman - Nebo - Petra - Jerash - Dead Sea - Bethlehem - Jerusalem - Nazareth - Lake Tiberias),
  • 2007 - South Africa: Dubaj - Republic of South Africa -  Kruger NP - Pretoria - Drakensberg - Cape Town - Namibia - Botswana (Okawango) - Zambia - Zimbabwe (Victoria Falls NP),
  • 2008 - Indochina (Cambodia - Vietnam - Laos - Thajland),
  • 2008 - Alaska & west USA (NP: Monument Valley, Mesa Verde, Kings Kanyon & Sequoia, Canyon Land, Yosemite, Napa Valley),
  • 2009 - New Zealand (Auckland, Rotorua, Taupo, Wellington, Fox Glacier, Milford Fiord, Quinstone, Christchurch) & Australia (Sydney, Blue Mountains, Uluru, Cairns - Great Barrier Reef),
  • 2009 - The Eastern cruise over the Caribbean Sea on the "Princess Ruby" (Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Cozumel - Tulum in Mexico, Bahama Islands), Florida (Key West and Evergaldess NP),
  • 2010 - Burma, Bhutan, Bangladesh, India (Calcutta),
  • 2010 - Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore.
  • 2010/2011 - Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) – cruise on the "Princess Star" over Falkland Islands, Arctowski Polar Station – Shetland Islands – Antarctica – Ushuaia, Punta Arenas – Puerto – Madryn – Montevideo – Buenos Aires; ramble to Iguazu and Ciudad del Este (Paraguay) – return to Buenos Aires,
  • 2011 – China, Tibet, Hongkong, Makau and cruise over Jangcy River,
  • 2011 - The cruise over the Mediterranean Sea on the "Princess Pacific" - Aplication „Holly Land”: Pireus – Patmos – Kusadasi – Hajfa – Asdod – Port Said – Alexandria – Dubrovnik – Ravenna – Venice,
  • 2011/2012 - „Paradise Islands” – Sri Lanka and Maldives.
  • 2012 – The cruise over the Mediterranean Sea on the "Princess Crone": Rome – Livorno (Pisa) – Naples – Vesovius – Santorini – Pireus – Mykonos – Olimpia – Corfu – Split – Venice,
  • 2013 – The cruise over the Mediterranean Sea on the "Royal Princes" (Venice – Athens – Mykonos – Kusadasi – Istanbul – Civitavechcia/Rome – Livorno/Florence – Toulon – Barcelona),
  • 2013 – Caribbean Islands, Lanzarote (incl. Volcanic ParkTimanfaya),
  • 2014 – Senegal - Gambia (Kaolack - Touba - Saint Louis - Djoudj National Park – Dakar Gore Island – Lac Rose - Bandia Reserve – Du Saloume National Park – Barra – Banjul (Gambia) – Bakau – Fort James – Kunta Kinta Island),
  • 2014 – Cyprus (Pafos, Trodoos Mountains).


  • Sajama (volcano, Bolivia, February 2004), 6540 m (achievied in the rain),
  • Kilimanjaro (Kenya, February 2000) 5895 m,
  • Elbrus (Caucasus, July 1993) 5642 m,
  • Mount Whitney (Sierra Nevada, USA) 4418 (ascent and descent in one day), August 2001.

List of Publications (more important)

Author of scientific works and popular scientific publications (over 30 books of textbook or scientific character, 130 scientific papers, 10 Tourist Guides, 36 unpublished papers, 21 publications of informative character, reviews and editorial articles).
List of all Publications


  • Higher Education of Tourism staff for the Industry in Poland against the background of world trends. Monography, AWF Publishers no. 56, Kraków 1993.


  1. Tourist regions. Theoretical basis. Case Studies, Proksenia, Cracow 2014.

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Published Articles and Papers

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